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A Guide to Real Estate Valuation

Successful and smart real estate deals require a clear understanding of how property values work. To help you get started, take note of the following important factors that affect home values:

    1. Location. Various elements come into play when considering a property’s location. These include:
      • The elevation of the community you are interested in and driving distance from your primary home to the vacation home.
      • The specific part of the neighborhood (e.g. a quiet cul-de-sac, downtown, etc.)
      • Proximity to community amenities, services, and attractions
      • A sense of privacy or seclusion
      • Unique and unobstructed views of natural or manmade attractions

In the Southern Sierra region, exceptional mountainside and valley locations make local properties desirable and valuable investments, whether for permanent or vacation use. With the area’s proximity to thriving wilderness areas and hard-to-match tranquility, homes here offer an idyllic retreat away from Southern & Central California’s bustling urban centers.

  1. Lifestyle

    Property values also vary based on the type of lifestyle that it offers. A residential property must have the proper features and amenities to support the lifestyle that matches its surroundings to make it an appealing option on the market.

    In mountain communities like Alpine Village or Camp Nelson, homes are built for the ultimate rustic and rugged outdoor experience amid the wilderness areas of the Sequoia National Forest. A valley community like Porterville, meanwhile, has residential and commercial real estate better suited for more connected, suburban city living.

  2. Supply, Demand, and Competition

    Home values, as well as the overall cost of living, generally rise when inventory is low and fall when there is an abundance of housing stock. On a related note, low supply and high demand create a competitive environment among buyers, often leading to bidding wars.

    Southern Sierra’s gorgeous mountain communities offer an abundance of real estate properties that keep property and living costs more affordable than Central California cities.

    Sellers should not be discouraged, however. Given its exceptional location in close proximity to beautiful natural resources, the area is able to maintain a high level of interest among nature and outdoors enthusiasts to keep property values competitive.

  3. Comparable Properties

    In modest and mid-range markets such as the mountain communities of the Southern Sierras, homes are priced according to similar or comparable properties nearby.

    This is where assistance from an experienced real estate professional comes in. Whether you are buying or selling a home, your agent should have the resources to help you review recent sales of comparable properties in your area to determine accurate valuation.

The Most Reliable Resource for Your Real Estate Needs in the Southern Sierras

Southern Sierra Real Estate is the name to remember when it comes to finding the best deals, the most reliable advice, and market insights in this region’s most inviting mountain communities.

To learn more about how to find your dream home or how to sell your current home here, talk to our team of seasoned real estate experts. We commit to being your trusty guide every step of the way. Get in touch with us today by calling 559.542.1500 or sending an email to rita(at)southernsierrarealestate(dotted)com.