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Sequoia Crest

Sequoia Crest has everything you need for a vacation getaway — fresh air, majestic mountain views, and a lot of activities. This mountain community in Tulare County may be small, but its impact on residents has been profound, thanks to its location. Surrounded by the Giant Sequoia National Monument, Sequoia Crest is within the Alder Creek Grove of Giant Sequoias. This quiet community sits at the 7,000-foot elevation on the Sierra Nevada mountain range, just off the Highway 190 and Redwood Drive.

Sequoia Crest was originally meant as a timber and logging operation site. In 1955, however, it was turned into a subdivision by Claud Rouch. As his son built the first road into Sequoia Crest, Rouch developed a water system that served all the properties in the neighborhood. The father-and-son duo eventually opened 200 more lots in the area between 1960 and 1970.

Having a home in Sequoia Crest allows you to be in close proximity to the awe-inspiring sequoia trees because it’s the only residential neighborhood located within a giant sequoia grove. There are over 150 giant sequoia trees throughout the community. Sequoia Crest makes for the best getaway, with visitors coming in on long weekends, summer breaks, and holidays.

What’s in Sequoia Crest?

  • The Stagg Tree is the most famous attraction in Sequoia Crest on private property now owned by Save the Redwoods organization.. The giant sequoia is the fifth largest tree in the world. Named after Amos Alonzo Stagg, the legendary University of Chicago and University of the Pacific football coach, the tree towers at 243 feet and is over 2,000 years old. You can hike three-quarters of a mile to the Stagg tree from Sequoia Crest. The trek will take you through the numerous sequoias in the Alder Creek Grove until you come face to face with the magnificent Stagg tree.
  • Poppy Lake is another area you can enjoy. This privately owned body of water is open to Sequoia Crest residents only. It’s only half a mile away from the community and it makes a great swimming hole. You can also go canoeing in this small and peaceful lake.  
  • The Jordan Peak Lookout is a popular hiking spot with a 1.2-mile trail that starts right at Sequoia Crest. The trail will take you through the Sequoia National Forest at an elevation of 9,115 feet. Once you reach the summit, you’ll be rewarded by spectacular views of Moses Mountain to the north and Slate Mountain to the south.

Sequoia Crest Real Estate

Sequoia Crest is an exclusive neighborhood with around 100 cabins and a few full-time residents. The community’s high location gives its residents sweeping views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and valleys.

The single-family homes in the community are 700 to 2,000 square feet in size with an average of 2-3 bedrooms. These homes bring you closer to nature with their wrap-around decks and floor-to-ceiling windows. Because of their cozy cabin homes and unparalleled views, residents are grateful to be living in Sequoia Crest.


If you’re thinking of moving to Sequoia Crest on a permanent basis, or making it your vacation retreat, you can build your own mountain home from the ground up. The vacant lots in the community are full of potential. These lots have an average size of 16,000 square feet and are surrounded by sequoia trees.

Having a permanent or vacation home in Sequoia Crest is unlike any other. Give us, Southern Sierra Real Estate, a call at 559.542.1500 or email Rita at to know more about this beautiful mountain community.


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