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Ponderosa is your ultimate mountain getaway. This amazing neighborhood is situated along the Upper Tule River’s summit in the Sequoia National Forest. Ponderosa sits at an elevation of 7,200 feet, making it the highest community in Southern Sierra Nevada. Located in Tulare County, Ponderosa is accessible from the Highway 190 going to the Western Divide Highway.

Ponderosa started as sheep pasture. Covering more than 280 acres, it was originally owned by Alex Kramer, who passed on the property to his heirs; three generations of Kramers have owned this piece of land. Over the years, parts of the property were sold and turned into businesses by their respective owners. One-third of the land was eventually sold to Don Carter, a real estate developer. He subdivided his portion of the land and officially opened Ponderosa in 1963.

The beauty of living in Ponderosa is being within the Sequoia National Forest. Ponderosa is blessed with many varieties of fir and pine trees, especially the community’s namesake, the ponderosa pine. Groves of brightly colored, quaking Aspen trees are also scattered throughout the community.

What’s in Ponderosa?

Ponderosa is just a short drive away from the popular outdoor spots in the Southern Sierra.

  • The Trail of 100 Giants in the Giant Sequoia National Monument is only 10 miles from Ponderosa. You’ll find this hiking trail easy; in fact, it can even accommodate wheelchairs. The trail will take you through the paved road in the Long Meadow Campground, as you become surrounded by over 125 Giant sequoia trees.
  • Dome Rock in the Sequoia National Monument is a short drive from the Ponderosa Community off the Western Divide Highway you take a short dirt road to the granite dome. A short hike up to the top for some great views. You can get more information if you google Dome Rock in Giant Sequoia National Monument.
  • Ponderosa Lodge is a short drive from Porterville and Bakersfield. This full-service restaurant and bar on Aspen Drive has a large dining room enough to fit the whole community of Ponderosa. The Lodge serves traditional American cuisine for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Every May on Memorial Weekend, they host an Annual Mountain Chili Cook-Off along with a horseshoe tournament, live music and free flowing chili. Two weeks after the Chili Cook off they have an Annual Concert in June. Contact the Ponderosa Lodge for details on these and other events.

Ponderosa Real Estate

Ponderosa has cozy cabin homes that give you a place to unwind. The homes in this mountainous residential area have beamed ceilings, big windows, and French doors that open to majestic views of your Southern Sierra Nevada surroundings. Most of these 3-story homes feature 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The properties are around 1,300 to 1,600 square feet, with large wooden decks that wrap around the house.

Ponderosa also has vacant lots with sizes ranging from half an acre to over 1 acre. These parcels of land have a mix of flat areas and gentle slopes, which make it easy to erect your mountain home. Groves of pine trees and rock outcroppings make for stunning backdrops. Some properties are located in culs-de-sac; others come with burbling creeks.

Ponderosa is your next mountain getaway! Don’t miss the opportunity of belonging to this one-of-a-kind community. Give us, Southern Sierra Real Estate, a call at 559.542.1500 or emailing Rita at


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