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Pierpoint Springs

Located in Tulare County on the east side of California, Pierpoint Springs is where you can truly explore what nature has to offer. This small village of around 50 residents can be accessed through the Highway 190. Pierpoint Springs has an elevation of 4,700 feet, making it the lowest mountain community area.

In 1886, Zachary Pierpoint made Pierpoint Springs his home; around the same time John M. Nelson homesteaded Camp Nelson. But it was actually a developer named John Lewis who coined the name. He combined Zachary Pierpont’s last name and the natural springs in the area to create the name it is today. In 1960, the community of Pierpoint Springs was established.

Looking for Pierpoint Springs is not difficult at all. Aside from being directly located on the west side of Camp Nelson, it’s the first community you’ll pass as you go up the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains on the Mighty Highway 190. Pierpoint Springs is also one of the main mountain communities in the Southern Sierra, home to a mix of full-time residents and vacation homeowners.

What’s in Pierpoint Springs?

Pierpoint Springs is packed with endless outdoor adventures! The most popular outdoor activities are found in the surrounding areas, some of which are:

  • The Golden Trout Wilderness. Located in the Sequoia National Forest and the Inyo National Forest, The Golden Trout Wilderness encompasses 303,769 acres. It was named after the golden trout, California’s state fish, and is most ideal for hiking and camping. You can take the easygoing Horseshoe Meadow Trail, which is also a campground. Or, if you want a more challenging route, embark on the Trout and Willow Meadows trail. Visitors are treated to scenic views of the grassy meadows and towering Sequoia trees.
  • The Tule River. One of the many rivers and creeks in the area, The Tule River has three forks that run along Highway 190, Springville, Porterville, and the Success Reservoir. It’s a wonderful spot for fishing, camping, and picnicking. You can catch a variety of trout, from rainbow to brown. The Tule River also has a diverse array of trees that you can spot during your visit. Look for giant sequoia, manzanita, oak, pine and cedar trees.
  • Dome Rock. Just 20 minutes up Highway 190, this granite monolith can be found in the Giant Sequoia National Monument. Hikers and climbers will be rewarded with sweeping views of the Kern River canyon and the nearby Needles rock formations.
  • Pierpoint Springs Restaurant. New owners recently upgraded and remodeled this Bar/Restaurant/Grocery store/Motel. They offer great food and drink as well as the ability to do events in the restaurant or large patio area, plus there is an amphitheater in the adjacent Park where events can be held. Frequent entertainment and themed events throughout the year. If you are coming up the Mountain don’t forget to stop in.

Pierpoint Springs Real Estate

Pierpoint Springs has around 88 houses owned by a mix of full-time residents and vacation homeowners. These single-family homes have 1 to 3 bedrooms, ranging in size from 1,000 to 2,900 square feet.

They boast great features that everyone in the family can enjoy. The most noteworthy are game rooms, libraries, and open dining and kitchen areas. Most of the homes in Pierpoint Springs are situated along major roads such as Highway 190.

If you would like to explore your options in Pierpoint Springs, we would love to show you around! Give us, Southern Sierra Real Estate, a call at 559.542.1500 or email Rita at


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