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Alpine Village, California

Alpine Village

The small community of Alpine Village sits at approximately 6500 foot elevation of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. It was originally acquired by lumber companies under the Timber and Stone act of 1878. The land passed through several different lumber companies over the years and in 1963 it was purchased by Charles W. Roberts, John Roberts and Shan King.

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Camp Nelson, California

Camp Nelson

This community was named after John M. Nelson that first homesteaded this area in 1886. It has a rich history which much of the information was published in a book by Malcom Sillars and published under the sponsorship of the John M. Nelson Conservancy. The book is called: The Tule River Middle Fork and its People and is available for purchase by them. This community sits at approximately 5000 foot elevation of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

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Cedar Slope, California

Cedar Slope

This area was first homesteaded by Nellie Marshall a seamstress and artist sometime after her arrival in Visalia in September 1881 where she emigrated from Cordova, Illinois. Cedar Slope is just under the 6000 foot elevation marker on Highway 190 in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The land (80 acres of the original homestead) was purchased and developed by Les & Ruth Bailey and Fred & Hazelyn Hopkins in 1945.

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Pierpoint Springs, California

Pierpoint Springs

Located in the Southern Sierra Nevada mountain range off of the Mighty Highway 190 at approximately 4500 foot elevation. This community as well as all the others off of the Highway 190 corridor have a rich history that can be read in the book by Malcolm Sillars “The Tule River Middle Fork and its People”. According to the book Zachary Pierpont homesteaded the property around the same time as John M. Nelson did the Camp Nelson area so maybe around the 1886 or so.

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Ponderosa, California


This community sits at approximately 7200 foot elevation is the highest community in this section of the mountain. It has about 140 or so homes surrounded by the Giant Sequoia National Monument. The community does have the shortest drive to the Trail of 100 Giants, Dome Rock, Needles Trailhead and the Jordan Peak Lookout as well as many trails and creeks. Further south you can reach the Kern River and its communities heading to Lake Isabella.

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Sequoia Crest, California

Sequoia Crest

One of the communities on the mountain with more than 150 Giant Sequoia trees scattered throughout and the 5th largest known as the Stagg tree on privately owned land. The Amos Alonzo Stagg tree was named for the legendary coach of the University of Chicago and the University of the Pacific as part of the process to draw attention to the development. Sequoia Crest is approximately 7000 foot elevation.

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Springville, California


Located at the foothills of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain range at approximately 1000 foot elevation. Springville was originally called Daunt, after a settler William Daunt who opened the first store in town in 1860. The name was changed to Springville in January, 1911, purportedly for the great tasting water from the soda springs found in the area. The first American explorers and pioneers to settle in the Springville area were in 1849.

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