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Welcome to Southern Sierra

We at Southern Sierra Real Estate represent some of a gorgeous properties located in the foothills and mountains of the western side of the Southern Sierra Nevada range in California.

This Sierra Nevada sub-region is a haven for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

There are around 20 sequoia groves in the southern section of the Giant Sequoia National Monument. The Belknap Grove, Freeman Creek Grove, and the Trail of 100 Giants are just some of the many spots that bring awe and adventure to its visitors.

Southern Sierra is a popular vacation spot, with over 1.25 million people visiting the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park alone. This combined park covers over 865,964 acres and houses roughly 8,000 enormous sequoia trees.  There’s always something to do here, whether it’s whitewater rafting through the Kern River or taking a scenic hike to Alta Peak. Camp out for a couple of days in one of the 14 campgrounds as you explore the giant sequoia groves in the Sierra Nevada. You’ll enjoy the activities in Southern Sierra all year round, no matter the weather or the season.

Your Southern Sierra Realtors

We at Southern Sierra Real Estate will find your ideal vacation home in this stunning region. Our team has the expertise to help you search for that perfect mountain home if you’re buying, and secure the best possible deal on your property if you’re selling.

We specialize in properties located around the foothills and mountains in the Giant Sequoia National Monument of the Southern Sierra Nevada Range. Look to us for commercial, residential, resort properties, and vacant lots. Our residential and resort homes typically feature 2-3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, while our vacant lots will allow you to build the custom mountain home of your dreams.

We know Southern Sierra like the back of our hands — from weather patterns down to scheduled activities. So you can sure you’re in good hands. We will work passionately and tirelessly to ensure that your Southern Sierra home fits your needs and wants.

Finding the perfect mountain home

We’re here to find the perfect Southern Sierra community for you. Choose from among the following 7 communities:

  • Alpine Village [link to Community page] lies within the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range at  6,500 feet  
  • Camp Nelson [link to Community page] sits at an elevation of about 5,000 feet of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range
  • Cedar Slope [link to Community page] is just under the 6,000-foot elevation marker on Highway 190 in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range
  • Pierpoint Springs [link to Community page] is located in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range off Highway 190 at an elevation of about 4,500 feet
  • Ponderosa [link to Community page] is the highest community in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range at around 7,200 feet
  • Sequoia Crest [link to Community page] is the only residential community located entirely within a grove of giant sequoias at 7,000 feet
  • Springville [link to Community page] lies in the foothills of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range at 1,000 feet

Each community is unique and charming in its own way. If you want to live nearer the city, Springville would be more convenient for you. For a more secluded place among the mountains, the mountain resort area of Alpine Village fits the bill.

Since we know the area well, we can expertly match a Southern Sierra community to your needs. And we would be happy to take you through these wonderful communities to help you choose area you want to live in.

In Southern Sierra, there’s always something you can come home to, whether it’s your 3-bedroom bungalow, the General Sherman tree in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, or the majestic mountain view of the Sierra Nevada.

To find out more about the homes we offer, give us a call at 559.542.1500 or email Rita at